Review of PB Fit for Great Powdered Peanut Butter

Powered peanut butter can be great for making smoothies o even for a lower calorie version of peanut butter. I recently got a chance to review PB Fit and this is a great powered peanut butter. I had never tried this one before.

I love that you can pick the amount of water that you use to get the right consistency. If you want it thin, you just use more. If you are putting it into a smoothie, then you don’t even have to mix up the PB Fit. You just simply toss it in there and it tastes like peanut butter! This doesn’t have the extra oil so it is better for you and of course the calories are lower.

I also love adding PB Fit to my milkshakes that I make with the best milkshake maker for a delicious treat! It adds a bit of protein as well as flavor.

I would highly recommend PB Fit if you are looking for a lower calorie peanut butter. This is a perfect addition to my smoothies and I can’t wait to get more of this soon!


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