‘GH’ Fan Defends Comments about Ron Carlivati

This past weekend was a huge bash for “General Hospital” fans in California. Several fans flew in from all over the country to participate in the festivities. Everyone heard about the recent firing of Ron Carlivati, and several stars commented on it. There is a little controversy going on because of it, and I want to address it.

So Maurice Benard commented about firing the writer. He went on to say that Carlivati was not a fan of his, which seems to be what upset some fans. First off, Benard is entitled to his opinion. The recent Sonny story lines were iffy at best. Him killing AJ was out of character for Sonny. He promised his child he wouldn’t do it, and did it anyway. Um, no. That is not who Sonny Corinthos is at all. Period.

Carlivati obviously wrote more for Robin/Liz/Patrick and that “group” instead of several of the ones fans wanted. Nancy Lee Grahn had a huge fan outcry to have her on more, yet Carlivati ignored them. In fact, “Julexis” was one of THE hottest couples on the show and he refused to make them front and center. Kelly Monaco had plenty of screen time, but most were okay with that.

Ron Carlivati got rid of a lot of actors. Many speculate he was one of the reasons Steve Burton left. Behind him also went Anthony Geary, Sean Kanan, Kristen Alderson, Kelly Thiebaud, Michael Easton, and less of several characters were shown. While it is true that his writing for Michelle Stafford and Roger Howarth was spectacular, most of the other story lines were mediocre.

For those of you speaking out about the “mob scene” driving the ratings into the ground, you are delusional. Sonny has been a huge part of “General Hospital” and you are in the minority. If you don’t like what you saw or heard from Maurice Benard, tune out. I bet you ratings won’t even notice your loss. Fans have favorites, but there will always be those sticks in the mud who will defend a writer who almost killed the last remaining ABC soap.

Final thought: I will miss Michael Easton more than any others who were lost. He has always been a favorite of mine, especially in the role of John McBain. Blessings Mr. Easton!

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  • Eric
    August 11, 2015

    Just because you say the “mob scene” is what everyone wants doesn’t make it true unless you can back it up with sources. The show is called “General Hospital”, not “The Corinthoses” nor “The Sopranos”, nor “The Godfather.” And while I haven’t liked the writing lately, I’d still like the show to go back to being about the Hospital.

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