Review: ‘Dear Sofia: A Royal Collection’ DVD

My daughter loves all things princess and Sofia the First is one of her favorite. The thing is she is always looking for the ones that have the princesses on and they are hard to catch sometimes. Well now we won’t have that problem anymore at all. The new DVD “Dear Sofia: A Royal Collection” has all of the best episodes with her favorite princesses on it.

This is the very first time that they have all of them on one DVD. Tiana, Belle, Mulan and Jasmine are all on this video and of course teaching great lessons to your little girl! There are also two more great episodes on this DVD. My daughter loved the bonus episode called “Cool Hand Fluke.” Personally I loved the lessons that she is learning as she watches this kid friendly and appropriate show. “Sofia the First” is a winner at our house for sure!

The episode with Mulan is one of her favorites! She helps Sofia to save the day and she realizes that she is stronger than she thought she was and these two together is a great combination! Little girls everywhere will realize they can do anything they put their mind to after watching this one.

“Dear Sofia: A Royal Collection” will be released on September 29 to Disney DVD. You will get 114 minutes of great shows! This is going to be the perfect present for your little girl!


Disclaimer: I received this DVD for free, but the opinions here are my own.


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