Nancy Lee Grahn Outburst Could Cost ‘GH’ Ratings

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Things around the General Hospital set are about to get complicated. Actors are held to a higher standard than most. Everything they say and do is scrutinized, right down to their personal and political beliefs. Social media has opened up the door for misinterpretations among the actors and their fans. As the 2015 Emmys aired, Nancy Lee Grahn almost ruined her entire career.

Nancy Lee Grahn plays Alexis Davis on GH. She has a solid fan base and has for years. Her Facebook page and Twitter account are full of opinionated rants, sometimes even controversial topics are addressed. After Viola Davis won an Emmy for her role in How To Get Away With Murder, Grahn opened her mouth. Some of her tweets offended a lot of people, and she spent hours backtracking and deleting things.

Many GH fans are calling for ABC to step in and handle their actors. Just about a month ago Bryan Craig came under fire for tweeting physical harm to a follower who was egging him on. Fans immediately called for him to be fired, but nothing was done. Now Nancy Lee Grahn is the target. While some of what she said crossed the line, many are agreeing with what she had to say. But could this be enough for the network to cut ties with her?

Across social media “General Hospital” fans stand divided. There wasn’t this much outcry after Bryan Craig crossed the line, why is what Nancy Lee Grahn tweeted such a big deal? Fans are standing being Grahn and others are calling her a racist and white supremacist. While the latter is clearly not true, no one knows what she was thinking when she tweeted.

ABC needs to have better control over what the actors say and do. This little outburst could very well cost the show major ratings. Social media is blowing up about this story with Nancy Lee Grahn and Viola Davis, including major publications like Us Weekly and People. What the network does with this scandal will be a turning point in the soap world. Several shows are pushing their actors to get out there and interact with fans and speak their minds, but the cost of it could be more than many are willing to spend.


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