All About Lauren Bushnell Of ‘The Bachelor’ 2016

The time is finally here for “The Bachelor” 2016 with Ben Higgins and it is obvious that Lauren Bushnell is going to be a fan favorite this season. This gorgeous blond is going to win the hearts of America. If you want to get to know more about Lauren, you are in the write place!

  • She is a flight attendant. This could make it easier for Lauren to move around if she gets picked by Ben.
  • From her social networks, Lauren is an obvious dog lover.
  • There will be three Lauren’s this season so hopefully it won’t get too confusing.
  • Lauren actually lives in LA, but is from Portland originally.
  • Bushell is very smart and has a business degree from Whitworth University.
  • You can follow Lauren Bushnell on Instagram and she is posting again so you never know what you might find. Lauren didn’t post while the show was filming.
  • Lauren does have a little brother.

Don’t miss “The Bachelor” 2016 with Ben Higgins when it starts to air on Monday January 4 on ABC. Also make sure you check out our group Bachelor and Bachelorette Fans Unite on Facebook for fun spoilers and chats every Monday night.


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