Could Erica Rose of ‘The Bachelor’ Be Pregnant?

It looks like there could be another “Bachelor” baby on the way or at least they want to tease that there could. Jamie Otis of “Bachelor” and “Married at First Sight” went to her Twitter to share a tweet that has everyone wondering what is going on with Erica Rose.

Jamie shared a photo of Erica Rose holding up prenatal vitamins and then along with it put the caption “Why does @EricaTheRose have prenatal vitamins?? 👶#TheBachelor.” Since then, Erica retweeted it, but nobody is answering. Erica has shared on her page that she is dating someone.

Fans are going crazy in the comments and they all seem to think that Erica is doing it because they are great for your hair and nails. They don’t seem to think that this is the way that Erica Rose would announce a pregnancy. Could the vitamins be for Jamie? Fans would love to see her and Doug have a little one of their own.

Do you think that Erica Rose of “The Bachelor” fame could be pregnant? Sound off in the comments below and don’t miss Ben Higgins try to find love on Monday nights on the new season of “The Bachelor” on ABC. Also check out our group Bachelor and Bachelorette Fans Unite for spoilers, news and fun live chats each week!

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