Yolanda Foster Hadid Goes To Twitter To Raise Money For Her Friend

Yolanda Foster Hadid has upset a lot of fans by going to her Twitter and trying to raise money for her friend. A lot of people are assuming that Yolanda has a lot of money, but of course that might not be the case considering she just went through a divorce and has been spending a lot of money on treatment for her Lyme disease.

Here is what Yolanda Foster Hadid went to her Twitter page and shared.

“❤️Please make a donation for my bestie, small or big is appreciated……… https://www.gofundme.com/ellieals #ALS #MyHero @ellieoconn”

People are sharing their thoughts in the comments and most are not okay with what Yolanda had to say. They feel like she should be the one helping out her friend. So far, over $62,000 has been donated to her friend. Yolanda actually started the page for her friend Ellie who has been struggling with ALS, a terminal neurodegenerative disease.

What do you think about Yolanda Foster Hadid posting this GoFundMe page? Share your thoughts in the comments and make sure you check out my Facebook group for spoilers, chat and more on all things Bravo.


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