‘Bachelorette’ News: Jesse and Ann Csincsak Reveal Sex Of Their New Baby

News recently came out that Jesse and Ann Csincsak were pregnant with their third child. They already have two children together. They were both on their own seasons of “The Bachelorette” and “The Bachelor” and then they met and fell in love.

Life & Style shared the news that Jesse and Ann Csincsak are having another little boy. This will be a great addition to their family of son Noah and daughter Charlotte. Noah is excited to have a little brother!

At this time, they haven’t picked out a name for sure, but Jesse and Ann are looking into something that will honor the memory of Ann’s dad who passed away not long ago. Jesse also said, “We don’t have a name picked out but we are both always drawn to tying in family names somewhere whether its middle name or first name.”

Fans can’t wait to see the pictures of Ann and Jesse Csincsak’s little bundle of joy when it arrives!


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