Bethenny Frankel’s Ex Jason Hoppy Finally Moves Out

Bethenny Frankel has been dealing with her ex Jason Hoppy living in her apartment for a while now. It turns out that Jason has finally moved out. US Magazine shared the details about what is going on with this “The Real Housewives of New York City” star.

They have been fighting over this apartment for a while now. Bethenny has been living in various hotels and apartments, while Jason was still at her home. She really wanted to get this house back, but it just didn’t happen until now. Bethenny shared how excited she is about this all now.

“I walked in and it just washed over me. I sobbed for hours. It was like this release, and you always think things are going to be one way. I thought it was going to be, like, the biggest party ever. I’d be roller-skating through there with my top off, my tits hanging out, so excited — and there’s nothing good about any of it. It was all just remembering moving in there. It was a hideous experience, and I just didn’t know how to even process the feeling.”

Bethenny Frankel also had something else big happen this week. She spoke to her mother, who she hasn’t talked to in years and things didn’t go terrible. Hopefully, things are finally looking up for Bethenny Frankel.


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