Kim Zolciak Admits To More Plastic Surgery: What Did She Have Done?

Everyone knows that Kim Zolciak has done some plastic surgery. Some of it she admits to, and others fans just have to wonder about as Kim denies having it done. Now Radar Online is sharing that Kim is revealing that she had more plastic surgery done. What did she do?

Kim had Ultherapy treatment in February, and it is to help her out with her saggy skin. Zolciak revealed she got it done around her neck but didn’t share where else. Kim did say that it was uncomfortable after the surgery, but she used a numbing cream that helped some. Zolciak went on to share more details.

“I feel like I look more refreshed. It’s non-invasive, no down time. The downside is waiting the couple months to notice the difference.”

Kim Zolciak says that if she needs to nip and tuck she will do it, and she isn’t afraid of sharing with her fans what she has done to her body. Are you surprised to hear that Kim had more plastic surgery done? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts.


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