‘General Hospital’ News: Emme Rylan Reveals Real Life Injury

Emme Rylan of “General Hospital” is sharing that she just had a real life injury from hanging out with her kids. Emme plays Lulu on “General Hospital” and this one is bad enough that they may have to put it into the show. Soap Opera Digest shared the details about what happened to Emme.

Emme was hanging out with her kids when it happened. She went to her Twitter to share the news and said, “So it finally happened.. The price of playing outside with my boys.. They broke my nose. #mylifewithboys #theyarebiggerthanme #needsurgery,”

It turns out that Emme Rylan’s nose was bad enough she would have to have surgery done. This is going to leave her not looking the same for a bit. They may have Lulu have the injury as well or leave or off for a few shows to let her heal. Fans really don’t want to watch “General Hospital” without Lulu’s great story line, so hopefully she can be working soon!


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