Carrie Underwood Talks Life On The Road, Does Her Own Hair, Makeup and More

Carrie Underwood is proving to her fans once again that she is still just a normal girl from Oklahoma. The singer is actually out on tour a lot, but she doesn’t let the fact that she is famous change very much for her. People shared what Carrie had to say about life on the road and still doing things for herself.

One thing that Carrie does herself is laundry. She said that they travel with a washer and dryer, and she does it on her own because it helps her to feel normal. Carrie even looks to cook on the road when she has the chance.

Carrie Underwood even takes her dogs and her son Isaiah on the road with her, and they stay on the bus a lot instead of being in hotels all the time. She shared that on days off they look for places to take her son, and Carrie has the bus all set up to be safe for him. Carrie also shared talking about how she does her own hair and makeup.

“I do my own hair and makeup on the road. It’s another thing that … I’m a person and I’m a lady, and I like to do my own makeup and hair. On red carpets, somebody else has to do it for me because the lights can do weird stuff with your face. But on the road, it’s my zen time before the show”

It is great to see that Carrie Underwood is such a normal person and fans love this about her. Personally, it makes it a lot easier to relate to someone like her.


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