Review: Xenotes Oasis Maya Excursion in Cancun, Mexico For a Time You Will Never Forget

A few years ago we went on a trip to Cancun, Mexico. It was just my husband and I, leaving the kids behind. While there, we were able to experience the Xenotes Oasis Maya excursion and this was a day we will never forget. Honestly, still to this day, this was my favorite excursion we have ever done, besides the crazy roads to get out to it. I would love for my daughters to get the chance to check this one out someday.

This excursion takes you around to four different cenotes to enjoy ziplining, tubing, kayaking, snorkeling, swimming, and rappelling. Cenotes are natural sinkholes in the ground. They are full of freshwater and not the saltwater you would find in the ocean. They are amazing and the kind of view you have only seen on television or in pictures.

The day starts out with a bus picking you up at your hotel. After that, you are taken on a ride out to the first cenote. When you arrive, you will find bananas, breads and drinks waiting for you. Our group had two amazing tour guides along with us plus a photographer. He takes pictures of you through out your adventures that you can purchase at the end of the day and they are worth every penny. This is the best way to remember your day in the cenotes. I am really glad that we have these pictures to remember that day.

Every single part of the facilities looked brand new when we went. At each stop, you will find a bathroom, snacks and places to sit down. I was very impressed that no matter what we were doing I saw lifeguards, backboards, and even ambulances around. They were very prepared for an emergency even though none of them happened on our trip.

At our first cenote, they had two different zip lines set up. One of them you held onto with your hands and the other one was a swing you could sit in so these would work for anyone. After doing the zip lines, we had the chance to jump off a cliff into the water below. They had everyone wearing life jackets the entire time for safety. My advice is to wear water shoes because it was a great to have them and not have to keep taking off and on our shoes. This was probably my favorite one of the trip.

As the day goes on, you visit a total of four cenotes. At one of them, you will kayak down and back in an amazing area with waterfalls. One cenote has an area where you can snorkel and this one really impressed me. The tour guides hand you a bag that includes a snorkel and two towels for you to use during the day. I thought it was great they were willing to give us towels to use. You also get the chance to rappel down into a cenote, ride an inner tube and zip line another time. It was a blast!

Another thing this excursion includes is a great meal during the day. We were offered wine, beer, soda and water. The food was a buffet style where you made your own sub sandwich. It also included a very tasty soup and brownies at the end for dessert.

When thinking of excursions in Cancun, Xenotes Oasis Maya is one of the best out there. My husband and I enjoyed the entire day and the staff was nice, helpful, and always ready to make sure you have a great time. The only complaint we had about the excursion is that the bus ride to the cenotes can get a bit rough due to the dirt roads, but this is beyond their control. My advice is if you get car sick sit toward the front of the bus.

The Xenotes Oasis Maya excursion is worth every penny. I would actually say that they have it underpriced. You can take get this entire day of fun for only $109 a person including your meal. If you are heading to Cancun, check out this excursion on their website and get yours booked now! I know this is one that was well worth the time and money. We made memories that we will never forget!




  • Sandy KS
    September 4, 2016

    That sounds like an amazing vaction. I am glad you had fun and have some great memories to share.

  • andria Perry
    September 5, 2016

    Thanks for this review, I need a vacation and this one would be perfect for me.

  • Bill Kasman
    September 5, 2016

    Now that’s what I call a vacation! Sounds like great fun and something my wife and I would enjoy.

  • Martha DeMeo
    September 5, 2016

    WOW! What a great vacation!!

  • JP Carlos
    September 5, 2016

    This must have been a wonderful trip. I miss the time when my wife and I went on our own adventures. Work just gets in the way. LOL

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