Review: Key Quest Escape Room in Oklahoma City for a Great Experience You Won’t Forget

When it comes to escape rooms, I have basically reviewed and checked out everyone in Oklahoma City. When I found out about Key Quest Escape Room, I knew I had to check it out. We took in a group of four adults and had a great time! You enter the room and after a short video plays, you are locked in for 45 minutes to try to find the key and get yourself out. This room is a bit scary because of how dark it is, so make sure that you listen to their advice about only for ages 12 and over. It is $15 each per person.

For this review, I want to share with you a few pros and cons of the Key Quest Escape Room. Let’s start out with the pros of this one. You can have a great time, and it is honestly a perfect way to teach people to work together. You search through the room and will do everything you can to get out. This is an experience like nothing else you have probably ever done and so much fun. The room is full of clues so even if you don’t get out then, you will be able to get through some of them and have a blast doing it. I don’t want to give away spoilers, but don’t ignore anything in the room! The room we did was a blast to search through and find everything you need. It has a very low success rate, so good luck! We didn’t get out in time.

The cons for this room are a few things that made it impossible to complete. Every other escape room I have ever done gives you an hour. In this room, 45 minutes is just not quite enough. The room is extremely dark, and they tell you that you are not allowed to use your phone flashlights, which makes some of the clues next to impossible to solve. We also had issues with two different locks not working right, which makes it where you just move on when you could have been done with that part.

Key Quest Escape Room is something that is great for a fun night out. If you have never tried an escape room, check it out! You may not get out in time, but you will get out alive. Don’t miss out on trying out an escape room for yourself! Key Quest Escape Room is at 10944 N May Ave in Oklahoma City,




  • Bill Cook
    September 15, 2016

    My daughter went to a birthday party here last weekend. They had a lot of fun, but they did need a few hints to finally get out.

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