Review: Castle Rock in Branson For Great Indoor Water Park Fun With kids

Recently we decided to take a family trip to Branson, Missouri. This trip was two adults and two children. We ended up staying at the Castle Rock Resort and Waterpark, and we had a great time at this resort! If you are looking for an indoor waterpark in Branson, I would highly recommend it.

As we pulled into town, we went to Grand Country Inn where we had reservations. It was December and extremely cold outside. The room we were given was three buildings away from the water park, and we would have to walk outside in the cold air. The park did not have any rooms attached to it at all. When we got to our room, it was covered in stains, and we decided this was not going to work for us. We ended up at Castle Rock, and it was a blessing in disguise.

Castle Rock was able to get us a room for the next two nights. They have an indoor and outdoor pool area, but of course, we only got to enjoy the indoor one. You can get rooms right in the hotel with it and stay inside while in your swimsuits. The water park area had an area for small children, pool, lazy river and also two slides. They had lifeguards everywhere, tubes you could use for free, and the water was all heated. It was a great time. The only complaint we had was that the hours aren’t the same every day and some days it closes early so make sure you know the schedule. It is in a great location just off of the main road in Branson which makes it close to all of the attractions.

The room that we stayed in had two double beds plus a set of bunk beds. It had a small refrigerator, but no microwave and also offered two televisions. It was plenty of room for our family of four. They also offer a restaurant at the hotel but we never had a chance to try it out. There is also a small gift shop if you forgot something at home. They do not have a continental breakfast. They do offer wifi in the main building but not in the other ones, and it honestly didn’t work great. We weren’t in the room enough to care though.

We had a great time at Castle Rock Resort and Waterpark. It is great place to stay if you are looking for an indoor water park in Branson, Missouri for the cold winter months


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