‘Teen Mom’ News: Adam Lind Has Two Warrants, Refuses To Pay Child Support

The news is out and Adam Lind of “Teen Mom” has two warrants out for his arrest. This is simply because Adam isn’t taking care of his duties as a father and paying child support. Radar Online shared the details about what is going on with Adam.

He has failed to pay child support to Chelsea Houska and Taylor Halbur both. Minnehaha County Sheriff’s Office in South Dakota shared that he owes Taylor $5,489 in child support and Adam owes $3,805 in child support to Chelsea. A source revealed that Adam thinks that the amount isn’t fair, so this is why he isn’t paying it.

Back in March, Adam went to social media to complain about the amount that Chelsea gets from him. He said, “She feels $945 a month is necessary. Guess her lil pig, 6 dogs, new jeep and house just isn’t enough and needs some extra $$.”

At this time, Adam Lind has not been arrested on the charges or if so he was able to keep it out of the news. Hopefully, Adam will be picked up soon and forced to take care of the situation.

Are you shocked to hear that Adam Lind owes child support and will end up in jail over it? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and make sure you check out my group on Facebook for fans of “Teen Mom.”


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