Boogie Bahn Lessons at Schlitterbahn Water Park: Are They Worth It?

On a recent trip to Schlitterbahn Water Park in New Braunfels, my family decided to check out the Boogie Bahn. It is a ride at the park where you can ride a board on a wave. It looked like a blast, but we had no idea what we were doing. At a glance, it looks like you are surfing, but it is different. The resort offered lessons for $10 for one hour, and this is for resort guests only. You do have to be 42 inches tall for this one.

We decided to take advantage of the lessons. This was a pretty cheap thing to do on our trip and we all four tried it out. When we showed up, they were ready to help us right away. They only allow 10 people in each hour long session for lessons, but there were less than that in our lesson.

The instructor was amazing. He could ride the board on his knees and even sitting down. We could not have asked for more from him. He helped the kids out a ton and would even ride their board along with them to make sure they were able to get a chance to ride the waves as well.

The only bad thing was that the water was freezing cold. There is a heated pool close by though where you can warm up if it isn’t really hot outside. We had to rush over there a couple of times and then come back to ride the waves again. 

Personally, I would say the Boogie Bahn lessons at Schlitterbahn were worth every penny. For only $10 you get an hour of riding the boards with great instruction on how to do it. You can sign up at the resort check in desk. We are going to have to make it to Schlitterbahn Water Park again in the future.

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