Safety Tips Trick or Treating On Halloween With Your Kids

Walk into any store and, amid the endless pumpkin spice, are aisles and aisles of orange bags of candy, followed by rows of costumes, face paint, and masks. It’s a sure sign that fall has begun, and Halloween is just around the corner. This means it is time to start thinking about Halloween and keeping your kids safe.

As the day (or days) draws closer, here are a few safety suggestions for you and your child to keep in mind before heading out on Trick or Treat night.

Plan ahead with the costume. When choosing a costume, keep in mind that it will actually need to be worn and consider where exactly it will be worn. While they’re fun, masks are not always the best option to see out of, and long dresses can be easy to trip over when walking. Nothing ruins a night of sugar-induced fun like falling down the street.

Stay well lit. If the neighborhood trick or treat occurs at night, take extra precautions to make sure everyone is visible at all times. This includes putting some reflective tape on costumes and/or carrying a flashlight that both helps others see you and helps you see where you are walking.

Stay in familiar areas. While it can be tempting (or rather, tempting for the kids), to go trick or treating in the biggest area or the one that gives out the most candy, it’s not always a wise decision – especially at night. Try to stay in areas that you know – that doesn’t necessarily mean that you should only visit the people that you know but that you have a good idea of where you are and the general people in the area. This also means avoiding going inside of strangers houses.

Watch out for cars. Though it may be instinct for your child to run straight from one house to the next, remind them that it’s still super important to abide by street-crossing rules. Cars may not always see them before they run into the road so it’s just as important to stop and look before crossing while in costume as any other day.

Inspect treats – and don’t eat homemade treats. Before your child (or you) starts rummaging through the night’s bag of treats, take a moment to inspect every individual piece of candy. Check to see that everything is still in the original wrapper and that the wrapper is still intact. Use extreme caution with homemade treats – as delicious as they may look, it’s usually best to avoid eating them unless you know who made them (and trust that person).

Trick or treating is meant to be a blast, and these few safety suggestions can help kids have the safest trick or treat even possible. Holidays with your kids are great memories you do not want to miss out on!


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