Review: Trapped OKC For A Different Escape Room Experience

Last year, we took a trip to Trapped OKC. My family had been to The Escape OKC before, and we were expecting the same thing. Both of these places charge you to lock you into a room, and you have to use clues to get out of the room. They are actually two different things though once you get inside.

When you get to Trapped OKC, they will explain everything to your group. Next, you are locked inside of a room with clues. Inside this room, you will find several locks. You have to find your way into these locks to get whatever is inside the box. You are allowed to speak out loud and ask for clues, which will help you along the way.

Without spoiling it for you, basically, you have to be good with numbers and counting to beat their rooms. They are not really set up to use clues to get tips on getting out. If you can count and figure out what they want you to count, then you will make your way out of the challenge. We loved that they gave you the option to ask for clues, but just really felt like the room we had was not a challenge. Instead, it felt impossible to figure out unless you knew exactly what they wanted from you. We had fun, but it was just not what we were expecting when we went to Trapped OKC.

At Escape OKC, you are given various clues you have to found around the room. Yes, you do need a code to get out of the door, but it is more about finding things and figuring out what they want from you. Personally, we enjoyed it a lot more and will be heading back there again in the future!

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