Another ‘Bachelor’ Couple Joins ‘Marriage Boot Camp’: Who Is It This Time?

Another couple from “The Bachelor” has decided to join “Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars.” It seems that every single season there is someone. Trista and Ryan Sutter did it, and so did Sean and Catherine Lowe. This season has Jade and Tanner Tolbert on it. Now Reality Steve is sharing that another couple, that some people may not even know are a couple, is on the show.

So who is joining the show now? JJ Lane and Juelia Kinney will be on the show this season. News just came out recently that these two stars from Bachelor Nation were dating. They have only been together a few months, but JJ and Juelia already agreed to do this reality show. Of course, this comes with a big paycheck for them. Steve was actually expecting to hear that Grant and Lace were on the show and this could happen in the future too.

JJ and Juelia

[Image via Instagram]

I am kind of surprised to hear that “Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars” would even want them yet. They are very early in their relationship, but we will see how it goes. Are you shocked to hear that JJ Lane and Juelia Kinney are joining “Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars”? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and make sure you join my “Bachelor” group on Facebook for the latest news.


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