Exclusive Interview: Kenny Johnson Talks Huge Season 2 ‘Secrets and Lies’ Twists

This season on “Secrets and Lies” viewers are loving the storyline that Kenny Johnson’s character Danny has going on. Just last week, everything finally started to make sense, but if you have watched this show before you know that they are always going to throw you for a loop again in the near future. On Thursday, I got the chance to talk to Kenny and find out some details about Season 2 of “Secrets and Lies,” but of course, he wouldn’t give away any spoilers.

Fans saw earlier on this season that Kenny Johnson’s character Danny was a suspect, but Kenny reminded me that viewers should never think anyone is innocent on this show. He warns that it will keep changing and you never know how it will end.

Kenny Johnson shared that he knew ahead of time that his character would be a detective and it was pitched to him that way. This is part of what intrigued him so much about playing Danny. As Kenny explained, Detective Cornell would normally do things by the book and arrest Danny as soon as she found out that he had a bench warrant, but it may not go that way. He said in the upcoming weeks a few things will throw her off and Cornell is really able to relate to Danny. Kenny called the twist coming between them “beautiful.”

As of right now, “Secrets and Lies” hasn’t been confirmed for a third season, but Kenny loves his chemistry with Juliette Lewis and would do the show again if invited back. He shared that they have connected from day one and he thinks a season with the two of them working together could make for a cool combo. He is already done filming Season 2 and even though Kenny knows how it ends, I couldn’t get him to reveal anything besides that he loves how it all goes down.

Right now, Kenny is busy filming “Bates Motel.” He always knew that the plan was for Season 5 to be the last and he feels like they are giving it the perfect ending. He shared that it is “beautiful” and “twisted” at the same time. I know I can’t wait to see how it ends.

If you love Kenny, make sure you also check him out in his new movie “Run The Tide.” This new movie with Taylor Lautner will be coming out on December 2. It is all about a boy who raised his younger brother after his mom was picked up in a drug bust. Kenny explains it is a heartfelt movie and shared that Taylor’s character actually kidnaps his brother to keep him safe in this heartfelt movie.

Don’t miss new episodes of “Secrets and Lies” on Sunday nights on ABC. You can also check out Kenny on Twitter to keep up with what he is doing now.

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  • Britanica
    November 9, 2016

    It has been a long time since I really enjoyed something on TV and I really have enjoyed this. My brother got me hooked on it. I love the characters, the actors and now we get more twists!? Nothing makes me happier then seeing a show keep people on their feet!

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