Review: Rockboard Scooter Makes The Perfect Christmas Gift For Your Children

We all know that children are really hard to buy for when it comes to the holidays. My daughters are age eight and 13, which makes them pretty much impossible to pick out a gift for, but I have found the perfect gift idea for you. The girls got a Rockboard Scooter and they couldn’t be more excited to play on this every day!

One thing that I love is a gift that gets the kids outside and being active. The Rockboard Scooter does exactly this with my kids! The only problem we have with the Rockboard Scooter is that they both want to use it all the time, so we need one more at our house!

On their website, the Rockboard Scotter explained what this scooter is and what makes it different from other ones on the market. Their site says, “Outdoor activities for children who are not interested in sports are few in number, so finding ways for them to get outside and get some exercise are limited. Families should consider the innovative Rockboard Scooters that are seeing increasing attention and use by children, teens, and adults. The Rockboard Scooter is a variation of the traditional kick scooter, but offers increased exercise and varied uses. They are the perfect alternative to bikes, roller blades, and skateboards.”

It took both of my girls a second to figure out how to do it, but once they got going they loved the Rockboard Scooter and couldn’t get enough of it! They are always rushing home to ride it down the street and back. This is the perfect activity for a nice day!

I love that the Rockboard Scooter has an adjustable handlebar so it can fit your child as they grow. It was really easy to put together, too! I always hate when someone gets my kids a gift, then I have to spend ten hours getting it ready for them to use. We had the Rockboard Scooter together in less than 15 minutes! This scooter goes pretty darn fast and the only con I really see is that it takes a bit of a learning curve to figure it out, but once you get going once you will be flying down the street!

If you are interested in checking out the Rockboard Scooter for Christmas this year, you can buy one at the Rockboard Scooter site, but they are also available at major retailers! Just make sure you don’t hurt yourself when you decide to take it for a ride yourself! I will admit I got in it, but it wasn’t quite as easy for me as the kids!

Disclaimer: I received the Rockboard Scooter for free, but the opinions here are my own.



  • Emma Riley Sutton
    November 9, 2016

    That looks like fun!

  • Tiffany Bailey
    November 10, 2016

    This looks awesome! Ethan would love it

  • Diana Easterly
    November 10, 2016

    That looks really fun!!!!

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