The Scribbler 3D Pen V3 Is The Perfect Holiday Gift This Year

My oldest daughter is 13, which means she couldn’t be harder to shop for when it comes to Christmas this year. I am so glad I found the Scribberl 3D Pen V3 and I can’t wait to see how much she loves it! We have looked at buying a 3D pen before, but couldn’t decide which one was best and I think we have finally found it!

One thing I am really excited about is that you can all get one too! My readers get to save! Save $35 with thisusfamilyguide coupon! – Use coupon code “usfamilyguide” during checkout at to get $35 off your order of Scribbler 3D Pen.

Okay so how does a 3D pen work? Here is what Scribbler 3D says on their site about it.

” The Scribbler 3D Pen uses filaments that you can extrude out of the nozzle/tip once they’ve been heated. As it exits the pen, it instantly cools and solidifies as you begin drawing your creation. This allows it to create a strong, stable foundation so you can continue building alone the way. The Scribbler 3D Pen Package includes: Scribbler 3D Pen V3 in selected color. USA Power Adapter UL Standard. 3x 1.75mm PLA Filament in different colors,10 feet per loop. Easy-to-Follow Instructions.”


Honestly, this 3D pen is for my daughter, but I am going to be playing with it too! I can’t wait to figure out what all I can make with it. You can make art in a way that I could never make it before. I will share some of our masterpieces when I post my review!

Have you ever tried a 3D pen? If so, let me know about it in the comments! I am excited to try out the Scribbler 3D Pen V3.

Disclaimer: I will receive a free 3D pen in exchange for my posts, but the opinions here are my own.


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