Check Out The New National Geographic Channel’s Original Series ‘EXPLORER’

A new show is coming to National Geographic, and I can’t wait to see “EXPLORER.” It will start airing on Monday and is a must see show!  Here is what the website says about the new show. “In the village of Toraja, when a family member dies, they remain in the household for months—sometimes years—receiving daily care and greetings from loved ones.”

The people who live in Toraja have their own customs and this show “EXPLORER” is going to let everyone in on these customs. There is a time here where someone is dead, but not buried yet. They are considered sick at this time and the family still visit them. They will stay at home until the burial while the family saves up money for the ceremony. You can see how this works on the preview of “EXPLORER” below.

Another preview shows how one librarian is doing everything that they can to protect the books in Timbuktu. They don’t want Al-Qaeda to destroy the book sand will do what they can to keep this from happening.

Are you excited to see “EXPLORER” on National Geographic? This show will launch beginning Monday, November 14. There will be twenty-five episodes that you do not want to miss.


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