iFLY in Oklahoma City Was a Soaring Good Time

When it comes to things to do in Oklahoma City, we are always looking for something new and exciting to check out. iFLY is something new that we were really excited to get to experience! We recently got the chance to do it thanks to Oklahoma City Kid’s Guide, and we loved it! If you have never been, you want to find the time to go!

When we showed up at iFLY, we got to watch what was going on and then Jeremy took us around on a tour of the place. They have a great birthday party room and also a conference room. When it was our turn for iFLY, we went into a room and watched a short safety video before doing our flights.


With the package that my family did at iFLY OKC, you get a video of everyone flying and you each get to go out in the tunnel for a total of four minutes in two different flights. It doesn’t sound like long, but it was enough to enjoy ourselves and two minutes in that tunnel is longer than you realize! You can also pay an extra $9.95 to go high! I was a bit scared to do that part, but the girls and my husband had a blast doing it! This video is my youngest daughter, who is just eight, going on her flight.

iFLY was an experience like nothing I have ever done before. For our first time, we just learned how to fly on our stomach, but you can learn to do a lot more stuff like flips and more if you keep going all the time. This is the exact same type of wind tunnel that skydivers learn to practice.

Honestly, Jeremy the guy who was helping us made the entire trip worth it. He was a lot of fun, worked hard to get us pumped up and even helped my thirteen-year-old daughter get over her nerves! I could not say enough amazing things about him!

Have you ever been to an iFLY? If so, tell me all about it in the comments! You can check out prices and more at iFLY Oklahoma City’s website.

Disclaimer: Our trip to iFLY was free in exchange for my review, but the opinions here are my own.

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