Chris Harrison Speaks Out About Girl In Shark Suit On Nick Viall’s Season Of ‘The Bachelor’ 2017

The previews for Nick Viall’s season of “The Bachelor” 2017 are starting to come out, and the viewers are seeing some pretty crazy stuff. In the big group picture, one of the girls is wearing a shark costume. Of course, everyone sees this as odd and now Chris Harrison is speaking out about what was really going on. US Magazine shared the details.

The girl is Alexis, and the job she is working toward is a dolphin trainer. She thought that she had picked up a dolphin costume to show up in, but instead, it was a shark costume. Chris explained it all.

“The only problem with the dolphin girl is if you look closely, she was wearing a shark costume. She just didn’t know that it was a shark costume. She thought it was a dolphin costume, and I had to explain to her how the fins are clearly different and a dolphin fin is curved and a shark fin is straight. I said, ‘You have a shark costume on,’ and she was like, ‘No, but I love dolphins.”

It will be interesting to see if this girl can still win Nick Viall over in her shark costume. It is probably enough to keep her around for at least the first week.

Are you excited to see Nick try to find love? Don’t miss his season of “The Bachelor” 2017 when it starts airing on ABC on January 2.

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