‘RHOA’ News: Kenya Moore’s Property Broken Into As She Allegedly Chases Them Off With A Gun

Kenya Moore is showing that she won’t put up with anyone breaking into her property. According to Starcasm, someone broke into Kenya’ property, and she allegedly chased them off with a gun. Three people got in through the gates and got clear up to Kenya’s front door.

It turns out that they climbed over Kenya Moore’s fence to get in and she was terrified. It was two men and one woman. Kenya went to her Instagram and shared her exact thoughts. She was not happy at all about it. She said, “This b**ch over here is on high alert. We are on level orange. … If you come over here, you’re going to get a motherf**king cap in your ass. I will f**king shoot and ask questions later.”

Kenya is even sharing their photos from her security camera on social networks in hopes that she can figure out who it was that was on her property. It looks like Kenya went out there with a gun in her hand and then you can see the people running off.

A few people are wondering if Kenya Moore did this as a publicity stunt, but more than likely that isn’t the case. She is not happy and is even offering a reward to anyone who can tell her who the people were at her house.

What do you think of Kenya Moore chasing these people off her property with what appears to be a gun? Do you think she did the right thing? Sound off in the comments section below and don’t miss new episodes of “RHOA” on Bravo.

[Image via Instagram]


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