Review: Carnival Extreme Zipline and Beach Adventure Excursion in Mahogany Bay, Isla Roatan

When we go on a Carnival cruise, I love relaxing, but I also like going on some amazing excursions. Some of the things we have been able to do are once in a lifetime experiences. Recently while in Mahogany Bay, Isla Roatan we got the chance to go ziplining and it couldn’t have been more fun! If you ever get an opportunity to do this excursion, make sure you check it out! We did the one called Extreme Zip-Line and Beach Adventure. It was only $89.99 a person, which was a great deal considering what you go to do! We purchased this one through Carnival.

Once we got off the Carnival cruise ship, we walked just a very short way and saw the guy holding the sign for our excursion. We were not scheduled to go for a few hours, but they said they had time then and we got to go zip lining right away. It was just a short walk to their facility and the second we got there they helped us get on all of our gear to go!

After we were geared up, we got in the back of a truck and were taken to our first zipline. It was a short ride, and we started our adventure right away. We had a group of four, and we were able to all zip line together, but they didn’t add anyone else to our group, which was nice. We had two different guys helping us along the way. During our zip line adventure, we got to do several different zip lines and had a blast! There were a couple of times that I didn’t make it quite to the end, but the guys working there slid out and pulled me right in. One zip line was over 1,600 feet long!

Once we got done with our zip line adventure, we were at the beach. You could go right down to the beach and hang out, but we had a bit of rain during our day, so we decided to hang out at Fat Tuesday’s. We ordered drinks and nachos, which was the perfect end to our day. After that, our group walked back up to the top and enjoyed a bit of shopping before heading back to the Carnival Breeze.

One thing I loved about this excursion is that they didn’t try to upsell us anything besides offering a CD with our pictures on it. It was only $40, and our entire group was able to split the price so of course, we took advantage of that offer! I highly recommend the Extreme Zip-Line and Beach Adventure in Mahogany Bay, Isla Roatan if you are on a Carnival cruise.


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