Grant Kemp of ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Covers Up His ‘Grace’ Tattoo

Everyone saw Grant Kemp and Lace Morris get their “Grace” tattoos on the last season of “Bachelor in Paradise.” The couple seemed to be doing great, but then they ended up splitting not long after the show was over. Their engagement was over, and now it turns out that Grant has made another big step in moving on. TMZ shared that Grant actually covered up his “Grace” tattoo with something else.

On Sunday, Grant went to Black Heart Tattoo in San Fran to get his tattoo covered up. He had artist Moses Saarni cover it up for him. He actually covered it up with a black rose. So far, Grant isn’t saying anything about his big choice. If Lace has covered hers up, then she hasn’t shared it with fans.

This last season of “Bachelor in Paradise” ended with three different couples engaged, but two of the three have already split. Carly Waddell and Evan Bass are the only couple that are still engaged and look like they might actually make it.

Are you shocked to hear that Grant Kemp covered up his “Grace” tattoo? Do you think he should have kept it a bit longer? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts.

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