Royal Caribbean Makes Huge Safety Step, Adds Lifeguards to Their Ships

Royal Caribbean just made a huge safety decision that personally I couldn’t be happier to hear. Express shared that they are now adding lifeguards to all of their cruise ships. On ships, you will usually find a lifeguard making sure people go down the slide the correct way, but there is nobody watching the kids in the pool at all. You are just supposed to watch your own children.

These lifeguards will wear bright red and white uniforms. It will be easy to tell who they are on the ship. During opening hours, they will be on every pool watching out. I am not sure what opening hours means, but regardless I love that these cruise ships are going to be safer for children. If your kid is under the age of 12, there will still be a requirement for a parent to be with them while in the pool.

They already have life vests available, but they are also going to put up a few more signs about water safety and even offer a 15-minute presentation for children and parents, during the Adventure Ocean open house session on embarkation day.

What do yo think about Royal Caribbean adding lifeguards to their ships? Sound off in the comments below!

[Image Via Wikimedia]


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