Camille Grammer Trashes Ex Kelsey For How Many Times He has Been Married

It has been pretty obvious for a while that Camille Grammer is not a fan of her ex Kelsey. Now she is trashing him for how often he changes marriages. Camille isn’t holding back at all, though. Us Magazine shared what Camille had to say about it all.

While at the Family Equality Council’s Annual Impact Awards in L.A. on Saturday, March 11, Camille shared her thoughts. She was asked about if she would ever get married again. Instead of just sharing her thoughts, Camille went on and on about Kelsey. Here is what she had to say.

“Yes, I am open to marriage again. Am I ready at this moment to get married again? No. You know, I believe in love. I believe in a marriage that could last and stand the test of time. I always thought that once I got married it was forever. My ex didn’t think that. … You never know with Kelsey. He changes marriages like he changes characters, you know, for movies or shows. But yes, I’m open to love, absolutely. And marriage, yes.”

Ouch! Are you shocked to hear what Camille Grammer had to say about Kelsey? Do you think she is still holding a grudge against him? They actually split clear back in 2010. Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts.

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