Royal Caribbean To Start Charging For All Room Service

One great thing about going on a cruise is that your food is paid for, but Royal Caribbean is about to start charging for room service. They have charged during certain hours for a while, but now Cruise Fever is sharing that Royal Caribbean will charge for all room service.

It turns out that if you get the continental breakfast, then they will still deliver that for free, but any other room service will have a $7.95 fee attached to it. They will also be changing up their menu to give different options. This will be effective starting on March 27, 2017. Now if you are staying in a Grand Suite, then you won’t have to pay this fee, but everyone else will have to pay it.

Norwegian already charges for room service, but Carnival Cruise line doesn’t charge for their room service unless you order certain items. This may be something that makes people choose Carnival over Royal Caribbean if the cruise is similar.

Personally, we don’t use room service very often on a cruise ship. We may use it once or twice, but this small charge won’t affect our decision on what cruise line we use in the future.

Will the fact that Royal Caribbean is going to charge for room service make you think twice about going on a cruise with them? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts.



  • Gayle
    March 16, 2017

    Yes, This will count as a definite negative when comparing cruises and choosing which we’ll take. We order room service nearly every day when on a ship, and it would annoy me to pay for what, up till now, was free. In recent years the only difference between our RCI cruises and Carnival was the RCI’s better entertainment. But on our recent Carnival Vista the entertainment was just a good, really excellent. So if Royal starts making this kind of negative change, it can easily tip the scale for our next booking.

  • Karen
    March 17, 2017

    No, been on 36 cruises and Never had room service. That is lazy lazy lazy. Food is always nearby and also I don’t want so many people touching my food. If you are sick, someone in your room could fix you a plate. If you both are ill, yes, room service would be a help.

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