Review: The Naked Dog For Grain Free Dog Food Delivered To Your Door

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With three dogs at home, I am always looking for ways to make it easier on me. I love subscription boxes that give you a chance to try a box for cheaper. When I saw The Naked Dog offered your first box for just $10, I knew I had to order it. If you want to try it for $10, check out their website and enter the code According2Mandy10. You have to love getting cheap dog food.

The Naked Box offers grain free food delivered to your door. It is normally $20 for a box, In this box, I got enough food for one dog for two weeks, a 3/4 cup silver scoop and a bag of dog treats as well. This is a great value for what all came in the box.

As soon as The Naked Box showed up, the dogs were sniffing all over it as you can see from the picture. They couldn’t wait to see what was inside that bag and when I opened it up to give them some to try, they all loved the taste. This dog food was turkey and chickpea. It was grain free, potato free and didn’t contain any harmful foods that could be potentially dangerous to dogs (Check out this list provided by The Goody Pet).

Pet Consider Blog is also another great place to check out if you are unsure about what to give your pet. They have great listings of what your pet can and can’t eat!

I loved our box from The Naked Dog, and I can’t wait to order more! Have you ever ordered from them? Let me know in the comments! Please click below to order!


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