How To Cope When Your Favorite TV Show Ends

We’ve all been at a point in our lives where we’ve invested over 100 hours into a TV show that we just can’t go without, and then probably invested another 100 hours catching up our best friend or significant other so that we have somebody to talk to about our favorite characters and plot twists. Sadly, though, all good things must come to an end. When it comes to a show that we’ve followed for years, though, it can be hard to fill the void that is left in our hearts. In an attempt to stave your grief, here are some thoughts to help you cope when your favorite show is coming to an end…

Host a finale party

First of all, if you know that the series finale of your favorite show is coming up, there is no reason that you should have to go through it alone. Instead of being sad that it’s over, why not celebrate the great run that it had and throw a party for you and your friends to enjoy the final episode? Check out this article for some tips on how to throw a terrific finale party.

Look for similar shows

After it’s all said and done, the most logical thing that you can do is probably look for a similar show. Most streaming services will have their own recommendations for shows that you might like. However, let’s be honest, half of those recommendations are going to be garbage, anyways, and what you loved about the show probably went so far beyond genre that no silly algorithm Netflix uses is going to know how to fill the hole in your heart.

See what the creators are doing next

Well, if similar shows just aren’t hitting that special flavor of show that you grew to be so fond of, maybe you just need to see what the creators are doing next. Take a look to see what the actors’ plans are, and where their careers are going from there. You can do the same thing for the showrunners, but the sad truth is that you probably won’t see anything new from them for at least a year, as they move to their next project.

Watch every interview and special feature ever made

When you look at what the creators are planning to do next, you’re probably going to discover that there is hours of footage on YouTube of interviews with the people who played your favorite characters and the geniuses who wrote them. On top of that, you probably have at least a day’s worth of special features to catch up on. In the midst of that, you’ll probably indulge yourself to some crackpot fan theory videos, as well.

Find other fans to wallow with

Hopefully, you’ve managed to convert a few of your friends to devoted acolytes of the show before it was over. However, if you haven’t managed to be so lucky, then you might as well cut those friends out of your life and start fresh with some friends who can really understand what you’re going through. Being able to complain about the end of a show for years together is a special bond, and almost certainly makes for the foundation of a perfect friendship.

Take a dip into the horrifying world of fan fiction

If you’ve surrounded yourself with other loyal fans of the show, everything is going to seem great for a while, but it’s important to note that there is an evil to every good and a ying to every yang. In the world of cult/hit television series, this is manifested in the form of fan fiction. To satisfy your cravings, it’s practically inevitable that you’ll turn to dangerous fan written stories, which are much cheaper than the professionally manufactured stories, but so much worse for you.

Leave TV/Netflix for a while

Accept that everything you try to watch now will just pale in comparison to what you’ve just lost, and that this is probably a good opportunity to take some ‘you’ time. Take a break from the shallow world of television and Netflix, where swiping right on every show gets boring, after a while. Find a new hobby, develop a new skill, have children, whatever! Just work on you for a while. After all, if, as this article states, 1 in 3 Americans can kick the smoking habit, you can go without television for a week or so… right?

Hell, just start over

Maybe you gave up TV shows for a while; maybe you didn’t. The point is that nobody likes a quitter, so why settle? You’ve known from the very beginning of this article that your best option is just to bite the bullet and hit play on episode 1. Social lives are overrated, anyways.

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