Exclusive Interview: Astrid Bavaresco Talks ‘Wags: Miami’

Astrid Bavaresco is one of the girls on the hit E! show “Wags: Miami.” According 2 Mandy recently got the chance to talk to Astrid via email and get some of the scoop on the new season of the show and more.

How did you end up on “Wags: Miami”?

Claudia dragged me into doing WAGS Miami with her. The production company reached out to her and she suggested that we’d be a good pair.

Do you see yourself dating athletes in the future?

I am dating but I don’t limit myself to only dating athletes. I don’t know who I will end up with but Season 2 will give you insight on my personal life.

Can you tell fans how they can find your swimwear?

You can find my swimwear line by visiting our website www.heraswim.comor on instagram @heraswim .

Any little spoilers for the upcoming season of “Wags: Miami” you can share?

It’s been a rollercoaster. A lot of unexpected things happen and a lot of friendships are tested.

Are you excited for a new season of “Wags: Miami”? You can follow Astrid on Instagram or Twitter for updates! Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts and don’t miss “Wags: Miami” during Season 2 on E!.

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