Long-time ‘General Hospital’ Fans Reveal Frustration With Writers

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As a long time fan of “General Hospital,” I am somewhat torn on where the show is headed. I was forever grateful to see Ron Carlivati booted and a new writing team being put into place. The names were familiar as I have been watching the ABC soap lineup for over three decades now. Hope was high that this team of women would come in and give “General Hospital” a much-needed boost and now, for two years in a row, the show won the Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Drama series. If that doesn’t show improvement, what does?

There are a few things that I need to address though. I am a huge “Julexis” fan. I think Nancy Lee Grahn deserves way more time on the small screen than she actually gets. Politics aside, she is phenomenal at what she does. The mere fact that writers wrote Julian like they did and allowed for it to destroy the entire “Julexis” relationship is beyond me. All of this was done so that Tonja Walker could return as Olivia Jerome? Really? It makes zero sense and frankly, makes me angry. There were several other ways Walker could have been added that would not have resulted in the fragmented “Julexis” we have now. Did I mention I am upset? Yeah, okay.

Now let’s address the elephant in the room, Carly and Sonny. How many times to we have to watch this monkey dance with them? Divorce, get married, Divorce, get married. It is time either the writers put them in a good storyline and they work out their issues or the relationship dies and both move on. Separately, Carly and Sonny could do some good with other people. When Carly was paired with Shawn there was a lot of positive comments, likewise with Jax. Sonny has been with various women throughout his stint on the show but some of the most memorable moments were with Carly and Brenda. I am a huge Sonny fan, but super over the back and forth with them now.

Complaints about Anna not being Anna have been coming and going for weeks. Speculation was that she was her twin sister Alex. There was some sort of swap and the two have been exchanged. Some new fans had no idea there was an Alex Devane at all. The storyline played out on “All My Children” several years ago. Now that ABC has regained the rights back to all the soap characters, it was apparently a perfect time to bring Alex to Port Charles. This mystery was figured out several weeks ago and Friday’s episode confirmed it. I am personally looking forward to this as “All My Children” is something I still miss every single day.

What do you guys think of the way “General Hospital” is being written? Are you upset with particular storylines? Share your thoughts with me!

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  • Jan Trueblood
    May 14, 2017

    Agreed ESP about Sonny/Carley. Way over them together!! Bring in new for both. Michael needs a life please.

  • susan
    May 15, 2017

    she has a start, but there’s alot more wrong with this show then she says….

    but you are so write about carly and sonny….

    they so need to be back burned at the moment that it’s not funny

    that’s kind of what i liked about RC’s writing he was actually using the entire cast and not just those two..

    a show with them on for me is so totally boring as all get out


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