Meet Me in Cork County Ireland

Cork County Ireland is more than a dream destination. It is a fantasy vacation of epic proportion. One problem with such a holiday is deciding what to do first. Another problem is figuring out how to extend your stay because you may never want to leave.
The obvious choices visitors to Cork make is to visit Blarney Castle and kiss the Blarney Stone to ensure getting the Irish gift of gab. They are must-see locations, but there are several other sights that should not be missed.
Make sure you visit the Foto Wildlife Park. Be sure to take one the guided tours – there are several to choose from, and the prices vary so they will work for almost any budget. The “Behind the Scenes” tours are breathtaking. When choosing this option, you will spend time with both the wardens of the park and the animals. You will even take part in caring for and feeding the animals, including some endangered species.
An Irish proverb says “Laughter is brightest where food is the best.” That is why you should visit the Old English Market in Cork. There are no guided tours of the market, and that is a plus. Take your time. Taste as much food as possible and, for those who love to embrace a different culture and learn from it, the Old English Market is perfect for people watching and making Irish friends.
Irish history is quite varied. If you can’t decide if you are most interested in the religious history, the political history or the history of the everyday man, Spike Island is for you. Spike Island has a little bit of everything. Through the centuries, it has been home to monks, convicts, political prisoners and English redcoats. The “fortress” is beautiful. The island, itself, there are no words. “Breathtaking” comes to mind, but it doesn’t do Spike Island the justice it deserves.
Cork County, Ireland should be on your bucket list of places to see. Just don’t put it off. And, remember to “pad” your vacation with a few extra days because there is so much to see and do. If you bother to leave. You might get caught up in the beauty, fall in love with the friendly and funny residents and decide you want Cork County to be your new home.

[Featured Image by Wikimedia Commons]


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