Exclusive Interview: Dr. Pepper Schwartz Talks ‘MAFS’ Plus Her New Project Find My Spark

Today I got the opportunity to talk to Dr. Pepper Schwartz about her time on the hit reality show “Married at First Sight” and also her new project called Find My Spark. The fans have loved watching her be the counselor for the couples on this show.

The first thing I had to ask Dr. Pepper is how she ended up on the hit show “MAFS.” She said that it “came out of the sky.” She got a call about it to see if she was interested, did a Skype interview that she didn’t even take that serious and then learned more about the concept and got more excited about it.

Dr. Pepper revealed that “Married at First Sight” has already been renewed for another season that they will film this summer. She shared that Chicago had great choices for people this season on the show and she is very pleased with the people they found.

I couldn’t resist asking Dr. Pepper if she would have ever done a show like this, and she honestly said she would like to think she would have gone for it. If she had been at the right point in her life and hadn’t found what she wanted yet, she would like to think that she is a risk taker who would have done it. She did admit she wasn’t sure if she would have the guts to do it, which I have to say I am the same way.

Find My Spark

Other than being on “MAFS,” Dr. Pepper Schwartz is working on a new project called Find My Spark that is very important to her. You can go to the Find My Spark website and learn all about it. This helps women who are suffering from Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD). When Dr. Pepper heard about this project, she knew that it would fit in well with what she likes to do. It is important to her that she helps to empower men and women both to know their own sexuality. It will help you find your spark again.

Find My Spark is all about helping women to figure out what is troubling them sexually and how they can fix it. Sometimes women end up not feeling the desire for sex; if this is persistent and bothersome to the woman it could be the most common form of FSD, called Hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD). There is a questionnaire on the site that you can fill out that will help you figure out any issues you might have and how to fix them. It will also advise you to speak to a health care professional. Find My spark is all about helping women not to feel alone anymore and “get over the stigma” that it isn’t okay to have issues and talk about them.

If you are a fan of Dr. Pepper Schwartz, you can follow her on Facebook and also check out her website.


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