How You Can Order From Amy Roloff’s Little Kitchen

If you are a fan of “Little People, Big World,” then you have seen Amy Roloff talk about her baked goods you can order online. Of course, listening to her talk about how amazing they taste would make anyone want to try them. So how can you order Amy Roloff’s baked goods?

Amy has been sharing the details on her Instagram page. She has a berry loaf and pumpkin loaf that she is selling and she feels like they pair great together. Amy shared that they are actually made fresh daily before shipping. You can check out these seasonal items on Amy’s website to order. She charges $25.50 for two loaves. You can get both the same or one berry and one pumpkin. The berry is only available through July 25 and pumpkin is available all year round. You never know what Amy will end up deciding to offer up next! She is obviously having fun with this business venture.

Have you tried anything from Amy Roloff’s Little Kitchen? Sound off in the comments below, and don’t miss new episodes of “Little People, Big World” on TLC. You can also join my TLC group on Facebook for updates on the family.

[Featured Image from Instagram]


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