Rachel Lindsay Wants To Confront One Guy Now That Filming Is Over

Rachel Lindsay finds love on this season of “The Bachelorette,” but there is one guy that she isn’t very happy with after finding out a few things. Refinery 29 shared that Rachel actually wants to confront one of the guys now that filming is done.

Viewers of the show saw that Lee Garrett’s tweets were revealed a lot of them were pretty racist. Considering he was trying to find love with Rachel Lindsay this is pretty shocking. Rachel explained to Entertainment Tonight saying, “I feel different about Lee [Garrett, since sending him home]. I’ve read things, I’ve seen things that I didn’t know about him before. I don’t have any questions. I just have something to say.” Of course, she didn’t share exactly what she wants to say yet.

This could end up happening on “The Men Tell All” special and if it does everyone wants to hear what Rachel has to say. Maybe Lee will get a chance to defend himself against the information that has come out while he was on the show.

Are you surprised to hear that Rachel wants to confront Lee over what he had to say? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss new episodes of “The Bachelorette” on Monday nights on ABC.


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  • Tammy
    July 22, 2017

    He is a straight-up Bigot! He was not there to find a wife ,all he had on his mind was to be a pain in the y’ass! Best show was when he was sent packing!!!!!!! Rachel is and was too good for his snake-like ways!

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