‘Night With My Ex’ Update: How Are Rachel and Fabian Now?

This week was the big premiere of “A Night With My Ex” on Bravo. On this show, everyone saw Rachel and Fabian reconnect and see if they could work their relationship out. He got mad at her over the way she scraped her fork on her plate when she ate pasta and it seemed like it was over then. After that, he tried to propose but of course, she told him no.

Bravo just shared a video update on how Rachel and Fabian are doing now since they tried to get back together. In this video, Rachel reveals that Fabian has been drunk calling her and trying to get back with her, but she isn’t having it at all. Rachel has actually moved on and started dating someone new.

Fabian said he even felt at one point like she was just there to make fun of him. He is glad that he did propose and he says that is all that she wanted in the first place. Rachel said that night explained how wrong they were for each other. She has even started her own business since the show and is really happy with where she is at now and how things are going for her.

Did you expect to hear that Rachel and Fabian got back together? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss the new episodes of “A Night With My Ex” on Bravo.

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  • Casey
    July 26, 2017

    Rachel is the biggest bitch, Fabian needs to run and run fast away from this girl. They have anal sex, she blows him, after 4 years he went someplace else, I don’t blame him

  • Shanice Pleasant
    August 2, 2017

    Yeah she’s being a real b**** . Hell I will be too if the man I was with for 4 years decide to cheat on me with a cartoon character. It’s not like that he didn’t know the situation and how she felt about sex before marriage he was okay with it. While they were together kept pressuring her to do sexual acts was made uncomfortable she obliged because she cared and loved this man very much. She was white hasn’t changed at all how you acted when they were in the bed together on the show the dude was jacking off while she was in the bed. I think the only reason even was considering getting back with her was just because simple fact that he wants to sleep with a virgin and he felt like he was entitled to sleep with her first since he was with her four damn years which is a joke and a waste of her time that she can’t get back. I am glad that she moved on and did not lose faith in finding true love so when their respects her and cares for her like she would like to be cared for good for her lose that loser.

  • Molly
    August 4, 2017

    What Bravo and Fabian don’t know is that Rachel actually cheated on Fabian with my cousin in California 3 years ago. She never told Fabian that she lost her v. And she never will. #slut

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