Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo Helping House Refuges From Hurricane Harvey

Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo are safe in Laredo, Texas, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t helping out their home state. When Jinger Duggar Vuolo got married, she moved to Texas to be with her husband. The Hollywood Gossip shared what the couple is doing to help with the Hurricane Harvey relief.

A follower asked Jeremy how the couple is doing and he responded. He said, “We are. Laredo wasn’t affected. We’ve housed some refugees, though, and are planning a trip North next week. Thanks for checking in!” Jeremy has also been retweeting for organizations that have a mission to do the same thing.

Jeremy and Jinger had some friends in Corpus Christi who evacuated the area and it turns out that they have been staying with the couple. It is great that they bought a house and now have room for them to stay with them for the time being.

The fans of the Duggars are not surprised at all that Jeremy and Jinger would do something so sweet. This couple has made it clear that helping others is important to them. Hopefully, the TLC cameras have been able to catch some of what is going on with them on camera.

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