Robby Hayes, Amanda Stanton Call It Quits

It turns out that Amanda Stanton and Robby Hayes have called it quits. These two fell for each other on “Bachelor in Paradise,” but they never really got serious. Not long ago, Robby shared that he hadn’t even met Amanda’s kids yet. Us Magazine shared that Robby and Amanda are over now and she is sharing the details.

On Wednesday, Amanda shared that they are not together anymore. She explained a few details about their relationship. She shared saying, “I wasn’t interested in him at all and I was off limits to him because he’s friends with Josh. We just kind of talked a little bit during the break and we just kind of enjoyed talking to each other I think. And then we just started hanging out more and more and then it just started turning into something.”

There were even rumors that Robby Hayes cheated on Amanda Stanton, but that was never confirmed. If that was true, that would be a good reason for them to call it quits and move on from each other.

Are you surprised to hear that Amanda Stanton and Robby Hayes are over? Sound off in the comments section below and don’t miss “Bachelor in Paradise” on Mondays on ABC.



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