Vanessa Lachey Says She Doesn’t Speak Up With Maks

There have been a lot of rumors about what is going on with Vanessa Lachey and Maksim Chmerkovskiy right now. Us Magazine shared that Vanessa is admitting that she doesn’t speak up with Maks at all. If that is true, then that would make a lot of the rumors not make sense considering people are saying she is a diva.

Vanessa talked to Us about “DWTS,” but she didn’t mention the alleged drama going on. She said, “I just know that when I’m on set he’s my coach and I’m the student, so I listen a lot more and I don’t speak up as much because this is a field I don’t know. He’s trained me and taught me so many amazing wonderful new things just like any trainer would or teacher would.”

Last week, Vanessa performed with Alan because Maks wasn’t there. He said it was a personal reason, but the drama has been that he didn’t want to work with Vanessa and they aren’t getting along.

Are you shocked to hear that Vanessa Lachey says that she doesn’t speak up to Maksim Chmerkovskiy? What do you think is really going on with these two? Sound off in the comments below, and don’t miss new episodes of “Dancing With the Stars” on Mondays on ABC.

[Featured Image by Vanessa Lachey/Instagram]


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  • Dawn
    October 5, 2017

    Remember when Vanessa hurt her toe and it was bleeding?…Maks was kind enough to take care of it…For a long time, Vanessa has been a real Diva and still hasn’t change that much…If she doesn’t do what Maks says, then it would better if she gets eliminated…Maks can still be the backup dancer…

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