Dan Gheesling And His Wife Have A Big Announcement!

Dan Gheesling of “Big Brother” has a big announcement for fans. No, he isn’t returning to “Big Brother” just yet. Instead, E! Online shared that Dan and his wife Chelsea are expecting their second child together. They already have a little boy Desmond and are now sharing that another one is on the way.

They shared that it was a surprise, but a good one. It turns out that they found out the news on Desmond’s first birthday. This will put their children a little less than two years apart. Dan shared that he loves being a father. Here is some of what he had tos ay, “I’ve really enjoyed seeing Desmond’s personality come out. He can light up a room with his smile and I’m not just saying that because I’m his dad. He’s a very special boy and I think he’s going to do some unique things with his life.” Fans can’t wait to hear if Dan is having another little boy or if it is a girl this time.

Do you hope that Dan Gheesling ends up doing “Big Brother” again someday? Are you excited to hear that he has another baby on the way? Sound off in the comments below, and make sure you join my “Big Brother” group on Facebook.

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