Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar Give Great Pre-Wedding Speech to Joseph Duggar

Last night on “Counting On,” the viewers got to see a great speech from Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar. This speech was for their son Joseph Duggar on his wedding day. Radar Online shared all about what the couple had to say to their son. It has been a while since one of the Duggar boys got married.

Jim Bob said that he was really thankful that they got some alone time with Joe before the wedding to give him some advice and also pray with him. Michelle started the big speech and here is what she had to say to him.

“When we [talk] to other couples [about how] daddy and I have enjoyed 33 years of happy married life, we can truly say that if you will remember not to go to sleep with anything between you and Kendra – just make things right…your marriage will be a success. Speak kind words to one another. Always cherish her. Treat with her with the utmost respect. [And] speak words of affirmation to encourage her.”

Jim Bob Duggar had some great advice for his son as well. Here is what he had to say about it all.

“I would say you have a tendency maybe to be a man of few words, which can be good – but I think with your wife make sure everything she does for you, you praise her and thank her, communicating to her about how much you love her, how much you cherish her. If you do that your marriage and your family will prosper. A lot of guys think ‘she knows I love her’ but she needs to hear it. Keep that in mind every day of your life.”

What do you think of Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell as a couple? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts.


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