Why Did Kate Hudson Have Short Hair on ‘WWHL’?

Tonight on a new episode of “Watch What Happens Live” everyone noticed that Kate Hudson was sporting a short haircut. She looked great, but it isn’t what everyone is used to seeing her look like. So why is her hair this short?

People shared back in July about why Kate Hudson had such a short haircut and it had to do with a movie she was in, the thing is it would be pretty surprising if she is still filming that. This was for her new movie called “Sister.” Sia wrote and is directing this project. She actually shaved off all over her locks for the part. Shortly after she got it done she went to her Instagram page to share it with fans.

Kate Hudson is probably still just growing her hair back out since her role in “Sisters,” but fans do wonder if there is another role that they don’t know anything about just yet. She isn’t the first actress to shave her head for a role and she won’t be the last either. Whatever, Kate Hudson looks amazing.

Did you like Kate Hudson’s new short haircut? Do you think she should keep it? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts.

[Image via Twitter]


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