‘Sister Wives’ Preview: Kody Brown Doesn’t Want to Be Intimate With Meri

This season of “Sister Wives” is almost over and it turns out that Meri Brown is ready to get intimate with Kody, but he isn’t ready for the same thing. People shared a big preview of what is going to do down this week. This week is a big Tell All episode and a lot of information is going to come out.

NBC’s Andrea Canning will bring up how Kody Brown felt the need to tell a reporter that he doesn’t co-habitat with Meri. This really upset her when it happened. Kody explained the reason he said it saying, “I was feeling a little snarky,” he admits. “Not towards Meri, but towards this law.”

Andrea asks Kody if he still doesn’t want to be intimate with Meri and he says that is the way things still stand. The thing is Meri isn’t really okay with this and says she wants  “more of a relationship with him than we’re having right now.” It sounds like Meri Brown is ready to fix their marriage, but Kody just might not be ready. They are still together, but it is very clear that their marriage hasn’t been fixed yet and the fans will just have to wait and see what happens.

Don’t miss the new episodes of “Sister Wives” when they air on Sunday nights on TLC. The show has already been renewed for another season.


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  • Deb
    March 29, 2018

    MarI should find a man who wants her.
    Kody can’t handle 2 lovers and 1 wife

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