Huge News! Kelly Kruger and Lauren Woodland Returning to ‘Y&R’

Huge news is here for the fans of “The Young and the Restless!” It turns out that Kelly Kruger and Lauren Woodland are both set to make a return according to Soap Opera Digest on Monday. They will be back as Mackenzie Hellstrom and Brittany Hodges.

So far, “The Young and the Restless” isn’t sharing many details. They will be back, but they aren’t even saying for how long. Brittany will be a lawyer and part of a case. Now everyone is wondering who she will be defending and it sounds like it will be a pretty big case on the show. In real life she is an attorney as well, so this will be the perfect fit for her on the show. They will start filming in just a couple of weeks, which means more than likely, their episodes will start airing in June. The fans would love to see them both back for a while!

Are you excited to hear that Kelly Kruger and Lauren Woodland are both returning to “Y&R”? I think this is going to shake things up, which is always good in a soap opera. If things go well, they could end up sticking around a while.


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