Aspyn Brown Enjoys Her Bridal Shower

Aspyn Brown of “Sister Wives” is about to be the next Brown daughter to get married. Her private Instagram shows the wedding date as June 17, 2018. TLC just shared a video where Aspyn enjoyed her bridal shower, so it is obvious that it is getting close.

In the video, you see that her fiance is also at the shower. Aspyn explains that wedding planning is over and they just have a month left until their big day. Aspyn admits that she has been stressed a bit, but that her dad Kody Brown notices when she does it and tells her to stop worrying.

Aspyn does admit her wedding day will be hard because she won’t get to see Mitch all day and then will walk down the aisle and be there for thirty minutes before she even gets to kiss him. It does seem like Aspyn Brown is happy and just ready to marry her man. They seem to be a great couple and it will be interesting to get to know Mitch better on the next season of “Sister Wives.”

Don’t miss “Sister Wives” when it returns to TLC with new episodes. So far, they haven’t shared an exact date, but that it will be coming back again.


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